Never Underestimate Their Inability To Demand A Discount

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(I work as a cashier at my local grocery store. My supervisor is an older man, who tends to be kind of a pushover in regards to customers, which is why this incident surprises me. I am scanning a woman’s groceries.)

Me: “Hello, did you manage to find everything okay?”

Customer: “Yes. I have a 20% discount.”

Me: *a bit confused, as I don’t know of any coupon or deal we have to give 20% off an entire purchase* “Okay. Well, if you could just show me the coupon for that, I’ll get it scanned in.”

Customer: *says nothing, just stares at me*

Me: *after a few moments* “Um, ma’am? I’m going to need the coupon to process any discounts.”

Customer: *speaking very slowly* “I. Have. A. 20%. Discount.”

Me: “I understand, but I need something to scan in to process that discount.”

Customer: *stares at me, saying nothing*

(After a couple more attempts to get her to show me whatever is giving her this discount, my supervisor comes over to see what the hold-up is with my line. I explain things, while the woman just keeps staring silently at us.)

Supervisor: “All righty. So, as my cashier said, we need to see proof of the discount.”

Customer: *lets out an angry snort, but otherwise, still says nothing*

Supervisor: *after a brief staring contest with the woman, shakes his head* “Right, then.”

(He reaches over and types in the register to void out the purchase, pulling the bags around behind the counter.)

Supervisor: “Next!”

Customer: *starts screaming* “What are you doing?! I’m not finished!”

Supervisor: “Yeah, you are, as you just stood there like a statue. Now, you can either take your things and go to the back of the line to try this again, or you can get the h*** out of my store. Either way, you aren’t getting any discounts today.”

(After a brief angry glare, while I started scanning the next customer’s things, the woman turned and stomped out, making deliberately big stomps as she did.)

Pumping Them For Information

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(I’ve been working at a popular coffee shop for a month or so. I work with my best friend who is extremely nice and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. This weekend our town has our parade, town activities, a baseball tournament, and a softball tournament. Naturally, it has been really busy. We have one customer, though, who doesn’t care about that and gives us a lot of h***.)

Me: “Welcome to [Coffee Shop]. What can I get started for you?”

(The lady orders two easy drinks that I could make in my sleep.)

Me: “I’ll have your total at the window.”

(The lady pulls up and I let my friend cash her out while I make the drinks. I suddenly hear yelling from the lady.)

Customer: “My daughter—” *who is in the car* “—works at [Coffee Shop] in [Other Town], and we got a 35% discount here last week.”

(We don’t have a 35% discount.)

Friend: “I can give you a 25%, but I’m not supposed to.”

Customer: “Fine. This is awful service. I’m also paying with a gift card.”

(The lady hands my friend the card. Instead of pressing redeem, though, she presses reload and five dollars. My friend realizes the mistake and tells the lady what happened. The lady will have to pay five dollars on her credit card, and then we can use the gift card. She refuses.)

Customer: “Are you serious? How do you even mess up that much? You’re so incompetent.”

(My friend is on the verge of tears, and we end up letting the lady leave. We end up paying the five dollars, so she gets five dollars on her gift card from us, and two free drinks. Ten minutes later:)

Me: “[Friend], that lady is coming inside.”

Customer: “My [super easy drink] is made wrong. There isn’t any caramel in it.”

(I am tired of this lady and we just got slammed.)

Me: “I know I put caramel in this.”

Customer: “You obviously didn’t. If you can’t handle this, we’re going to have a problem, and you shouldn’t be working here.”

Friend: “I’m so sorry. We’ll remake the drinks for you.”

Customer’s Daughter: “I hope you do. And we should get them free.”

(Now I’m pissed. They want four free drinks out of us, when we never messed up. I remake her caramel drink as she watches me like a hawk. As I put the whipped cream in, I reach for a lid to have it there.)


(Her daughter is right there, so I ask a question.)

Me: “You work here. How many pumps of caramel should I put in here for a large?”

(The girl stutters around.)

Customer’s Daughter: “Like six?”


Me: “It’s 2.75 pumps of caramel. Please leave. You got two free drinks out of us, and now you’re scamming for two more. I’m not dealing with that today.”


Me: “We all take a quiz after training. She should automatically know how much goes in, seeing as it’s a specialty drink.”

(The lady grabbed her daughter and left. She came back the next day and tried to start more crap. Luckily, my manager was there and didn’t take it.)

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I Demand A Car That Never Breaks!

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(A customer calls to tell us that her Check Engine light is on two months after we replaced a sensor on her vehicle.)

Customer: *very condescending* “This is very inconvenient for me; I have to work! What is the latest I can bring it in and have you address the issue?!”

Me: “I don’t know how long it will take to address the issue, because we don’t know what’s wrong with it until we check the code. What is the earliest you can bring your car in?”

Customer: *yelling* “You’re not listening to me! What is the latest I can bring it in and have you address the issue?!”

Me: “What time do you finish working?”

Customer: “Two pm.”

Me: “Would 2:30 work for you, then?”

Customer: “I suppose I could do 2:45, but there had better not be anything else wrong with my car! I fully expected to not have to do anything to my car for the next three years, at least!

Me: “We’ll see you tomorrow, ma’am.”

Lost Email In Translation

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(A customer who doesn’t speak English well comes into the copy shop where I work and needs help emailing something from the self-serve computer.)

Customer: “I don’t know how to send. Help send email.”

Me: “Okay, go to the Internet here, and then type in the website you use for your email.”

(Like most people who need help emailing, he types his entire email address in the search bar.)

Me: “No, not your actual address, just the website you use.”

Customer: “What? Huh? This is my email.”

Me: “What is the last part?”

(The customer says his email address, so I tell him what to type in. Once he finally gets logged into his email, I see that he has it set up in his native language.)

Customer: “Now what?”

Me: “You need to open a new email.”

Customer: “Where?”

Me: “I don’t know; it’s not in English.”

Customer: “Where?! Where?!”

Me: “I don’t know; I can’t read any of that. It should say, ‘new,’ or, ‘compose,’ or something.”

Customer: “No! Not there! Where?”

Me: “I don’t know. I can’t read any of that. Is there a button that says, ‘new’?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Okay, click on that.”

(I help him attach the file, and then I figure out which button is the “send” button because it looks like a button. But then he goes somewhere else on his email page.)

Customer: “Did it work? Does this mean it worked?”

Me: “I don’t know; like I said, I can’t read that because it’s not in English.”

(Later on the customer, comes to me with his phone, still in his native language, asking where to go to forward his email.)

Me: “It would be this arrow button here.”

(When he clicks the arrow button, three options in his language come up.)

Customer: “Which one?”

Me: “I don’t know. I can’t read that.”

(This went on for FAR too long.)

Family Discount Applies, Give Or Take A Decade

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(I’ve been giving a customer prices over the phone on several of our products.)

Customer: “Oh, hey, do you know [Former Employee]? He used to work up there!”

Me: “No, sir, but I’ve only worked here full-time for three years. I’m sure some of the guys remember him, though.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, [Former Employee] is my dad. Do you think I could get a discount since he used to work there?”

Me: “Um… No, sir, but you can sure tell him we said hello!”

(I checked with my manager later, and his dad hadn’t worked for us for 18 to 20 years.)

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